Thursday, March 8, 2012

11 things that changed after you become a mum

Why 11? No particular reason ;) There are actually a zillion things that have changed but this is my top 11.

Ok, it's only been a year ++ but still a life changing experience!

1. I have stop shopping for myself. Its always going to be about the mini me when I shopped. Even if I go out shopping with my girlie friends, I always come back home buying a small gift to my junior.

2. Suddenly I've become frendlier to strangers who also have babies/kids with them.

3. I looked up to my parents differently now. Feel proud, love and appreciate them more than ever.

4. I dont need a clock. Its a routine, rayyan will always wake up at 8 a.m (even in the weekends!) and sleeps around 10.30. Give and take.

5. On my birthday I looked forward to thanking my mummy instead of presents!

6. I've found my inner strength

7. I posted picture of rayyan instead of myself in FB as I cant get enough of him

8. Understand the 'mommies glare'

9. Looked at other babies/kids in the mall instead of window shopping.

10. The most apps in my phone is babies apps.

11. When I looked into the mirror I saw the mini me instead of myself.

And owh! I finally found my time to blogged after waking up from the 8pm sleep!

Returning back to sleep at 2.30 am

Signing off : munie from my iPhone