Thursday, March 8, 2012

11 things that changed after you become a mum

Why 11? No particular reason ;) There are actually a zillion things that have changed but this is my top 11.

Ok, it's only been a year ++ but still a life changing experience!

1. I have stop shopping for myself. Its always going to be about the mini me when I shopped. Even if I go out shopping with my girlie friends, I always come back home buying a small gift to my junior.

2. Suddenly I've become frendlier to strangers who also have babies/kids with them.

3. I looked up to my parents differently now. Feel proud, love and appreciate them more than ever.

4. I dont need a clock. Its a routine, rayyan will always wake up at 8 a.m (even in the weekends!) and sleeps around 10.30. Give and take.

5. On my birthday I looked forward to thanking my mummy instead of presents!

6. I've found my inner strength

7. I posted picture of rayyan instead of myself in FB as I cant get enough of him

8. Understand the 'mommies glare'

9. Looked at other babies/kids in the mall instead of window shopping.

10. The most apps in my phone is babies apps.

11. When I looked into the mirror I saw the mini me instead of myself.

And owh! I finally found my time to blogged after waking up from the 8pm sleep!

Returning back to sleep at 2.30 am

Signing off : munie from my iPhone

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ramadhan dan Syawal.

Bulan Ramadhan.. kurang seminggu lagi bersama dengan kita..
Menjelma pula bulan Syawal... sekejapnya rasa waktu berlalu. Tahun ini jugalah tahun pertama menyambut kedatangan Ramadhan dan Syawal sebagai seorang ibu.. tak mudah rupanya.. tapi Alhamdulillah, walaupun tak 'perfect' ada improvement setiap hari. Tak sabar nak tengok rayyan pakai baju melayu :)

Paling dirindui,dan tak dapat buat tahun ni: berterawih berjemaah di masjid. Insyaallah, harapnya Ramadhan akan datang dipanjangkan umur untuk bersama-sama berterawikh di masjid..

Harapnya segala ibadat yang dilakukan diterima dan diberkati oleh Allah SWT. Dan semoga ibadah2 ini dapat dipanjangkan walaupun setelah Ramadhan meninggalkan kita...

Jangan lupa puasa 6 di bulan Syawal..

dan sempena Syawal yang bakal tiba ini... saya ingin menyusun 10 jari.. memohon kemaafan andai kata tersalah kata atau tersilap laku... Harap dimaafkan, mungkin ada terguris hati kecil sesiapa..terutama keluarga terdekat, sahabat handai.. rakan sekerja.

Jemputlah beraya dirumah yea :) tak buat open house but rumah memang sentiasa terbuka menyambut kehadiran tetamu....

Akhir kata, jangan beraya sakan.. ingatlah untuk memberi pada yang lebih memerlukan, satu kebaikan yang kita but nescaya Allah akan membalasnya berkali-kali ganda.

Salam Aidilfitri from : munie_ajeep and lil rayyan.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Say bye bye to your wallet..

New prepaid mobile in town coming really soon! Guarantee will change your daily life. With great discounts, rates, benefits and NO HIDDEN CHARGES.

Looking for interested agents and dealers. Dealers will be assigned according to their choice of territory ;)

Revolution of prepaid and telecommunication is coming to Malaysia.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

How to live forever

Would you like to live forever? Try reading this article from newsweek. I wont say that its about living forever. Just a longer and healthier life.. But then again death is not something we can control.

And yes. Statistically women lives longer than men.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Imagine this

Imagine this:

Free 4D 3N stay in 4 star hotel in Hainan Island or Busan or Seoul or Guangzhou or Shanghai and many more exiting place by just buying a 'new thing' . And no, this is not some kind of competition or lucky draw.

Over 130++ merchants, stores, restaurants has tied up with this 'new thing' that will give their users benefits, discounts and vouchers such as TOMEI, Burger King, Baskin Robins and many more ( the list are adding up really fast) . And no, this is not some kind of membership program.

P.A insurance (Tokio Marine) worth RM 10,000 per year when you buy this 'new thing'. And. Of course .. im not selling you insurance..

Your airtime will never expires when you use this 'new thing'. Great commisions earned if you happen to refer friends or families using also this 'new thing' . No! Its not Multi-level

Interested? Email for more information.

Coming real soon near you


Based on the famous dear.sophie video I have decided to create an account for rayyan. (credits to my siblings for recommending this to me)

How does it work?

Just send emails to your kids email address, for that memorable moments including attachments so that they can read it in the future. No need to dedicate a blog for them as it serve the same purpose.

I wonder how rayyan would feel when he read the emails we wrote to him. Hopefully nanti bila dia nak buat apa-apa he would thought of these emails.

God Bless The Technology.

p/s : you can now write to rayyan :

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Malaysiaku 2

This is what i mean by org malaysia yg tak faham maksud beratur

And KTM komuter. Although you have improve a lot. Still. Your efficiency still below par