Thursday, July 21, 2011


Based on the famous dear.sophie video I have decided to create an account for rayyan. (credits to my siblings for recommending this to me)

How does it work?

Just send emails to your kids email address, for that memorable moments including attachments so that they can read it in the future. No need to dedicate a blog for them as it serve the same purpose.

I wonder how rayyan would feel when he read the emails we wrote to him. Hopefully nanti bila dia nak buat apa-apa he would thought of these emails.

God Bless The Technology.

p/s : you can now write to rayyan :


  1. muni, how u create da acc? aku xleh proceed sbb age x ckp. u?

  2. kena create a legal age : 18. hihi (tipu2 aje)