Thursday, July 21, 2011

Imagine this

Imagine this:

Free 4D 3N stay in 4 star hotel in Hainan Island or Busan or Seoul or Guangzhou or Shanghai and many more exiting place by just buying a 'new thing' . And no, this is not some kind of competition or lucky draw.

Over 130++ merchants, stores, restaurants has tied up with this 'new thing' that will give their users benefits, discounts and vouchers such as TOMEI, Burger King, Baskin Robins and many more ( the list are adding up really fast) . And no, this is not some kind of membership program.

P.A insurance (Tokio Marine) worth RM 10,000 per year when you buy this 'new thing'. And. Of course .. im not selling you insurance..

Your airtime will never expires when you use this 'new thing'. Great commisions earned if you happen to refer friends or families using also this 'new thing' . No! Its not Multi-level

Interested? Email for more information.

Coming real soon near you

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  1. updated location as per 26th July 2011 - BEIJING, SHANGHAI, SHENZHEN, GUILIN, SEOUL, JEJUDU AND INCHEON~~!! dapatkan package ni skarng~!!!