Shopaholics Get Smart

For those who know me really well, they will know that I'm actually boros punya orang.. hehe.. And trying to get less boros as days goes by. So here I wanted to share how all of us could actually still spend ( accordingly ) and yet have a good time without feeling GUILTY later on when we look at our wallet. or our husband's face. or our account statement. or our credit card bills and and a voice in our mind whispered " I wish I have not spend on that. or those."

Of course..some people will ask.. Why listen to me? Honestly? I didn't ask you too. :p But I hope my experiences and views will be valuable to be shared among my friends and closest ones and as a gentle reminder to us all. 2011 will be my saving year. I will spend less and save more and try to gain some profit in between. So why not share and let us all have those extra RM50 notes on our purse :)

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