Thursday, April 28, 2011

I love my iPhone!!

I am blogging from my iPhone!!

Yes.yes.just found out bout this app. I am sure it has been around for a long time!! Haha

I am using blogger+ for $1.99 and so far it is quite simple to use.

You can even manage more than 1 blog!

There are some great apps for blogging i.e, blogpress ($4.99) ,iblogger ($9.99) But both of them cost more. So i decided to tryout this one first ;)

Below are some photos to show how the apps work

Life just get simpler :)

Now i can blog anytime, anywhere (use wifi of course) and psstt.. I even blog this while nursing rayyan!! ;)


owh. lamanya tak bukak page ini.. been busy. life happens. hehe..

Tengah2 belek paper NST (Which banyak menda2 ngarut as always) I saw one interesting column by POS Malaysia. "Setemku". Have you heard of it? It is your own personalized setem. Macam menarik juga.. They have corporate and individual package.

Good Idea, If you have your own company...and trying to
market your things. But.. do people actually stop and look at them?? I know if its me..terus koyak sampul and tgk surat ape..hehe..
FOR ME la.

And it is a bit pricy too. RM 500 for 34 keping setem? hm.. they have their own packages :

you can have a look there.

It would make a great gift I suppose. But if you ask me in term of practicality, why not make it cheaper ?

What say you?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ada apa dengan masa?

We always takes things for granted.

Lagi-lagi MASA. Last night I received a SMS from my dearest cousin. She said my uncle was admitted to General Hospital sebab ada bleeding in his brain. He's forgetting things, but I hope its not permanent. He's 71 and one of the most healthiest person I know. Hardworking, intelligent, responsible, he even does his own housework. Org kata tak reti duduk diam.

Money,love or health is not our enemy, its actually TIME.

If God says tomorrow is the end of the world, what will you do?

I would spend my last moment with my loved ones. (masa tu nak bertaubat pun tak guna. Just doa supaya malaikat maut jemput saya dgn cara yang baik)

But of course, while we are still breathing..cherish our moments.

Selalulah kita berbuat baik kepada orang sekeliling kita, avoid hate, avoid negligence. Be responsible. Be thankful for what we have. Not focus on what we don't have (I'm reminding this to myself also)

We never know, what will happen next.

p/s: please pray for my uncle well being.

Time is what we want most, but... what we use worst.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Premiere Screening : The Roomate

Buat pertama kalinya me and mr. hubby pergi menonton premiere screening. All thanks to Nuffnang. Must say.. blogging is fun. I'm officially making blogging my new hobby. I get to meet new people, exposed myself to macam2 jenis bloggers yang outspoken and not afraid to say what's on their mind, freebies!!. .and surprisingly, blogging pays too! (baru tahu)

How technology grows and effecting our life. You decide. Pagi ni terselak NST (dah lama tak baca paper coz too much negative news. Don't want to attract those things), and saw that NST have apps for iPad. Tak perlu la delivery paper ke rumah.. bravo. Towards a greener Malaysian. And the RM 50Mil for 1Malaysia Email Project? I would like to see how those will end up. Is it going to be another wastage or a profitable and PRACTICAL project? What say you?

Deyy.. not everyone uses internet. And free email? you could easily get it elsewhere. Google ke. Buat portal sudah..Siapa yg nak register; register.. siapa tak nak biarlah mereka..and you can send their bills/statements through there~ Alamaks. Jauh pulak tersasar. Just sharing my thoughts. ada gambar kenangan movie ticket and free badge!

First time ticket movie begitu besar..

Met thara (blogger relation) for Nuffnang. And she's really friendly. Till then. Stay safe!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wedding Videographer

Wedding.. What is it about wedding that is so magical? Maybe it's the love in the air thing?

I just love wedding. To me wedding is like a fairytale. When preparing for one (mine of course) you can feel the bundle of joy shared among your families, friends..and everyone is so happy for you.

Hari ni tiba-tiba rasa nak post blog bout my wedding. But the topic: videographer.

When I was searching for a videographer during my wedding. I searched among the best. The one yang I saw the portfolio and quickly fell in love with them, the team and of course within budget.

To me videographer and photographer plays an important part. Simply because.. we cant go back in time. We can only store them close to our heart by capturing them .

That's why I choose Manggis to be my videographer on my BIG day.

I engaged them for 2 events: solemnization and reception and they also did the same day edit solemnization montage for my wedding day. And once you booked a package like that, you can bargain the price. hehe.

Here are their works.

same day edit:solemnization

reception KL

I can say me and my family, we are very happy with their works and dedication.

I've also asked my brother to do my animation : love story . He now has his own production house shared with few friends. 3threestudio. Here's the animation.

by: 3threestudio

To the bride and groom to be, choose well. Because you only go through this moment once. Enjoy the preparation and voice out your opinion. After all it is your BIG DAY

Owh..I miss wedding! when will there be another wedding in Muhammad's family??.. hihi..amiinnnn

The 50 New Rules of Work

Before doozing off last night, like always I checked my twitter and Fb and saw a tweet by Robin Sharma that totally cleared my head. I was so caught up wondering whether I will be able to cope with new working environment early next month.

Yes, I finally get my dream job. Literally. Upon graduating I have always pasang angan-angan to work in SYABAS. Alhamdulillah after 3 years Allah granted it to me. I manifested it 3 years ago and the timing couldn't be more perfect.

Manifestation works. whether it is something good or bad. Insyaallah later on I hope I can blog on those.

I'm sharing this so we could all see a different perspective of working.

The 50 New Rules of Work
by : Robin Sharma

1. You are not just paid to work. You are paid to be uncomfortable – and to pursue projects that scare you.

2. Take care of your relationships and the money will take care of itself.

3. Lead you first. You can’t help others reach for their highest potential until you’re in the process of reaching for yours.

4. To double your income, triple your rate of learning.

5. While victims condemn change, leaders grow inspired by change.

6. Small daily improvements over time create stunning results.

7. Surround yourself with people courageous enough to speak truthfully about what’s best for your organization and the customers you serve.

8. Don’t fall in love with your press releases.

9. Every moment in front of a customer is a moment of truth (to either show you live by the values you profess – or you don’t).

10. Copying what your competition is doing just leads to being second best.

11. Become obsessed with the user experience such that every touchpoint of doing business with you leaves people speechless. No, breathless.

12. If you’re in business, you’re in show business. The moment you get to work, you’re on stage. Give us the performance of your life.

13. Be a Master of Your Craft. And practice + practice + practice.

14. Get fit like Madonna.

15. Read magazines you don’t usually read. Talk to people who you don’t usually speak to. Go to places you don’t commonly visit. Disrupt your thinking so it stays fresh + hungry + brilliant.

16. Remember that what makes a great business – in part – are the seemingly insignificant details. Obsess over them.

17. Good enough just isn’t good enough.

18. Brilliant things happen when you go the extra mile for every single customer.

19. An addiction to distraction is the death of creative production. Enough said.

20. If you’re not failing regularly, you’re definitely not making much progress.

21. Lift your teammates up versus tear your teammates down. Anyone can be a critic. What takes guts is to see the best in people.

22. Remember that a critic is a dreamer gone scared.

23. Leadership’s no longer about position. Now, it’s about passion. And having an impact through the genius-level work that you do.

24. The bigger the dream, the more important the team.

25. If you’re not thinking for yourself, you’re following – not leading.

26. Work hard. But build an exceptional family life. What’s the point of reaching the mountaintop but getting there alone.

27. The job of the leader is to develop more leaders.

28. The antidote to deep change is daily learning. Investing in your professional and personal development is the smartest investment you can make. Period.

29. Smile. It makes a difference.

30. Say “please” and “thank you”. It makes a difference.

31. Shift from doing mindless toil to doing valuable work.

32. Remember that a job is only just a job if all you see it as is a job.

33. Don’t do your best work for the applause it generates but for the personal pride it delivers.

34. The only standard worth reaching for is BIW (Best in World).

35. In the new world of business, everyone works in Human Resources.

36. In the new world of business, everyone’s part of the leadership team.

37. Words can inspire. And words can destroy. Choose yours well.

38. You become your excuses.

39. You’ll get your game-changing ideas away from the office versus in the middle of work. Make time for solitude. Creativity needs the space to present itself.

40. The people who gossip about others when they are not around are the people who will gossip about you when you’re not around.

41. It could take you 30 years to build a great reputation and 30 seconds of bad judgment to lose it.

42. The client is always watching.

43. The way you do one thing defines the way you’ll do everything. Every act matters.

44. To be radically optimistic isn’t soft. It’s hard. Crankiness is easy.

45. People want to be inspired to pursue a vision. It’s your job to give it to them.

46. Every visionary was initially called crazy.

47. The purpose of work is to help people. The other rewards are inevitable by-products of this singular focus.

48. Remember that the things that get scheduled are the things that get done.

49. Keep promises and be impeccable with your word. People buy more than just your products and services. They invest in your credibility.

50. Lead Without a Title.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shopaholic Get Smart #1

1. Buy Less Shoes!! You don't need 20 pairs of shoes!

My mum always told this to me before. But of course I never listen. :) But honestly, I have not buy a single pair of heels (yet) this year! yaaayyyy~ I always felt the urge to buy shoes especially heels when i go to the shopping mall... Like the other day when my sister ajak me to go shoe hunting we went to Charles and Keith, Vincci, Isetan , Robinsons sampai nak termuntah carik kasut. Seriously.

And I just got my pay check at the time. But then I said to myself " You already got these in your house". And yes. I do. When I checked back at the shoe cabinet, they are still there. All I did was just go and repair the broken heels, polish it up a bit. And wah laa~ looks ready to wear. And it cost me just rm7 instead of buying a new one for RM 109.90 . That's a whooping 99% saving on my expenses that month! heehee .

I will only need a pair of each. A pair of flat shoes, flip flop, crocs, running shoes, sandals.. and maybe lotsa heels (haha..ish ish). No need to buy new shoe unless it is beyond repairable. And few tips to buying that pair of shoe: Always buy colours will match easily with your clothes. I’m not saying plain black. Some combination of colours will easily match your clothes.

Find more tips on buying the perfect shoe:

2. Find vouchers online!

You can easily get 60-90% saving everyday online on almost anything. And not to worry, most of these websites are reliable. You can even get your money back (they will give you another voucher) if you are not happy with the services. Some of the websites that I recommend:

Just be sure that every time you buy those vouchers, check the T n C and expiring date. Call and reserve your session (for spas, manicures and pedicures, hair treatments) right away because the line will be really busy and you may not be able to place your reservation. And the next thing you know it has passed the voucher expiry date. This will also be great gift ideas for families and friends.

Some coupons are transferable and most of them you can even buy more than 1 vouchers at a time. That means you can use the deal more than 1 time!

Happy Shopping :)

More consumer power tips coming really soon

-Earn when you spend. Not Spend and Earn-

p/s: You might notice I've changed the page layouts. Courtesy of Mr.Hubby who gave critics. Katanya " blog power2 semua layout putih." Is it? Anyway; I take that as a constructive criticism. Any critics and ideas are welcomed. Hope you like it!


I found out about this spa about 2 months before i got married, that is around November 2009. I was browsing through the internet and got instant urge to go to this spa. Mainly because its located in Petaling Jaya.. easy for me to go, they have the PRE-WEDDING package..and what captured my attention is the spa environment! very Bali-nature like..not to mention its is the owner's own bungalow making me feel just like home.

I bought the Pre-Wedding package which cost me RM 1290 but it was worth my every cent!

For RM 1,290
Body or Spa Treatment 4 sessions
Hair Cream Bath/Scalp Treatment 1 session
Manicure & Pedicure 1 session

Normal Price RM 1,500.00

There are other options according to your budget just go to their website and see it for yourself :

Even though i bought the session very last minute, the masseuse was very helpful to schedule my treatment. She advised me to do 2 treatments before wedding and another 2 session after the wedding. I remember one of the session took me 7 hrs to complete! I was at the spa from noon till night. luckily they have a surau over there. very convenient. It was series of Body treatment -Cream Bath and Scalp Treatment- Manicure & Pedicure. They use Dewi Sri Spa products by Martha Tilaar from Bali that smell really nice! I felt very relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards.. who wouldn't?? hehe..

The masseuse also will massage you according to your pressure request. How do i know the massage was really good? because i felt asleep almost through the entire massage! Its that GOOD! Another thing i LOVE about this spa is that for each Body Treatment it will include hydrophil, body scrub, shower, steam, body massage, body mask, herbal bath, body lotion and ginger drink! Value for your money! Complete package of relaxation. I really like their ginger tea as well. Just nice flavor to perk up your day.

Glowing on my wedding day :) going to spa really help to calm your nerves

Right after my wedding i didnt get the chance to go back to the spa. honeymoon - work - pregnant - confinement - being a new mummy- just couldnt find the right time hehe.. But when i called the spa they say i can still use my voucher! even though a year has passed by they still have my records!! that really show me they really take good care of their customer..I even saw Scha Al-Yahya with Awal Ashaari and another unfamous friend getting their dose of relaxation there .

Details of the Spa:

Khareyana Spa
36 Jalan Selangor
46050 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, MALAYSIA
T : +603 7958 6219
F : +603 7958 6284

Likeness on Khareyana Spa : Multiple Like!!