Tuesday, March 29, 2011

JAM DUNIA - Sunway Pyramid (26.03.11)

I don't know why but I'm SUPER DUPER excited about this year's earth hour. For those who doesn't know, earth hour first started in Sydney in 2007.. how do i know this? coz im a nature lover.. naaah.. a friend of mine posted about it on friendster ( yes. long2 time ago) . Anyway.. initially i invited many of my friends so that we can have a get-together-nite but most of them couldnt make it. Just my closest friend, kharima, along with her sister nadira and of course mr. hubby.

Kami yg gumbira

When we arrived at the scene its already jam packed with mostly youth. I would say most of them are college students, or those who just got their spm results.. hehe..But the mascots are sssooooo CUTE! I only got the picture of WWF's panda here.. The lion mascot keep running around. we lost track of him. or her. We got free CDs on saving the environment and also to wrote down messages on the huge billboard to show our pledges on earth hour. Sadly to say, some of the messages was written down folly.

Some of the random pledges on the wall of fame.

Go Green Come Blue?? Hmm..

Kitaorg pun nak jugaks..meninggalkan kesan. hihs

We were given out also free candles to mark this significant hour by lighting them. Though i doubt by lighting a candle would actually help us reduce the CO2 emission but here are some comments that i find interesting:

"Just think about it - if heating up an element is an inefficient way to produce light, then just how much more inefficient must be burning wax vapour in the open air? Think how little light in produced by a candle, and how much energy needs to go into creating and transporting it (think how heavy candles are). Candles produce huge amounts of soot, relatively speaking"

you can see more by clicking this link :

We were hosted by the Red FM 104.9 crews. At 8.30pm sharp the most of the lights in sunway was switched off. I just thought it could be better if the street lights on the major road were off too ; well maybe not all of them but 30% of them? to mark the government support in the earth hour.Overall the performance prepared was Okay. There was this wayang kulit show by cutest kids (i cant remember from where. should have wrote that down.. tapi tak boleh sebab gelap! haha) that delivered really good messages. Dance performances by the WWF volunteers and also an eco-band jamming concert (note that they used kuali, rubbish bin..coke cans, glass bottles etc as the musical instruments)! Some have good messages in it and some was just purely entertainment. I just think that it could be better. I leave you with some of the videos and photos I took for you to be the judges.

We went back with a free CD, key chain and new awareness in our mind. To keep the earth as green as possible for our future 50 years young in 2036..

Mr. Hubby and I also made some changes in our daily routine to prolong this earth hour so this wont be just an hour effort.

  1. We will switch off the air conditioner in the living room at 10.30 every night. even though we are watching TV at the time.. Just use the 13th floor natural air-conditioner. hehs

  2. We started using eco-products for our household cleaning products : i.e washing liquid, fabric softener, detergent, insect repellent (no more ridsect ! yay!) and many more. Our local supermarkets brand actually do more harm than good to us and also the environment. scary stuff!

  3. Use recycle papers to print on or scribble on

  4. Walk to work Walk More

  5. Plant more trees in our home. or should i say cactus? hehe

For more info on Earth Hour, go to the official website : http://earthhour.org

-Together our ACTION ADD UP-

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My treat in this month..

I have just bought myself an irresistible pampering deal!!!!

RM 48 for :

* Signature Purifying Facial

* Aromatherapy Body Massage

* Rose Salt Body Scrub

* Steam Bath

* Foot Spa (original price : RM290 - 83% off!!)

in : S Spa Mont Kiara..

right after i purchased the voucher terus call and make reservation on the 2nd April... Wah.. tak sabarnye nak pergi memanjakan diri.. been keeping myself away from SPA sejak preggy.. skarang payback time..hehe.. and thanks to MilkADeal , MyDeal, HAHAH dan seangkatan dengannya skarang banyak offer2 yg menarik at a price yg kita tak boleh resist!!

lagi2 yg shopaholic nih..hehe Kalau dulu nak dapat offer2 camni hanya ada kat newspaper..lepastu blakang2 resit groceries.. then keluar buku2 coupons... n wah-laa... marketing skarang ni pun ikut trend.. all thanks to FB i suppose :)

Paling tak sabar nak tunggu aromatherapy body massage...since im a spa-lover (satu hari nanti nak bukak spa sendiri!) every month mesti at least 1 kali pergi spa.. tapi semenjak ade baby ni jarang dapat peluang...weekend ade je activity.. but then again..eventho when u r married atau pun ade anak..skali skala memang kena ade masa sendiri.. so life kita akan balance..kalau tak nanti..sampai beranak cucu pun takde masa utk rehat.. masa rehat hanya masa tido?

salah tu... bagi lah chance kat hubby untuk jaga baby sebentar..tak lama pun..3hrs only :) Kita mesti ade budget utk diri sendiri every month.. jgn melampau sudah la...almaklum la dah berkeluarga.. ;) Wait for my review on the spa.. is it worth for my $$$?? (crossing fingers)

Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step.

I have always wanted to write a blog on my own...the one that i can share new topics or discuss them among my friends.. now that we see each other less..we only keep updates on FB.. and met up once in a while but not as much as we did those days. A place where people could share info..and get inspired or creative.. and here I am.... finally making things happen.

I have written few blogs actually.. during my teenage yrs..when blogging was one of the coolest things to do (like tweeting or Facebook-ing now) which is not-so applicable now...u know how emotional teenagers can be.. aha-aha.. a private blog between me n my hubby when we're both love birds.. still are now (hearts). tu pun private. kang korg termuntah plaks.

2011. Is a new start to me. last year.. i became a wife.. and this year...i became a mum !! Being a mum taught me too look at things more deeply now.. I used to do many impulsive acts before. but not-so anymore ( Still want to do skydiving and bungee jumping tho ;) )

It also taught me to be more independent.. as now i have a little boy..who solely depends on me! for milk. haha... sadly to say.. i am no longer fully BF-ding my baby.. but will try to increase my milk supply..insyaallah.. God's willing. Last but not least.. it has help me to realize... our mums greatness and sacrifices.. to raise us all up! Thank you MUMMY! :))

So keep on checking as i'll try to post as many discussion topics as possible..as well as few eye-opening stories that happens to me.. and all around us.

till then. munie. v(^.^)v